High Efficiency Gas Liquid Mixing Pump

QY Pump is a horizontal self-sunction gas-liquid mixing pump, which is connected with special motor directly. All the flow parts of the pump is made of stainless steel by precise molding technology. The suction inlet of the pump can suck gas by negative pressure, so it is not needed to use gas compressor of gas jet. The quickly rotating impeller mix the gas and liquid, so mixer is not needed. Because of the mxing by added pressure in the volute, gas and liquid dissolveds with each other completely.The dissolution efficiency arrives to 80-100%, so big added pressure gas tank or expensive reactor mixing tower is not needed to get high concentration solution. One gas-liquid mixing pump can suck, mix, dissolve gas an liquid. And pump the high concentration solution to the application place directly.Therefore, the usage of the pump can improve the making efficiency of gas-liquid solution, simplify making device, save space, decrease first investment cost, save operration and maintenance cost. 


The pump is applied to transfer liquid, mix gas and liquid, circulate and boost. 

Typical application: 

Gas suspension treating equipment, ozone water making equipment, heavy-oxygen-enriced water making equipment and biological treating equipment. 

Transfer of heating or cooling medium for various temperature adjusting devices. 

Various filters; 

Sucking from underground tank or high pressure transferring low-viscosity liquid such as gassoline, diluents, all kind of solvent. 

Misint treatment of clear water, pure water, foods, chemical solution and water solution.  

Strict applications (intermittent running, water hammer, abrupt variation in hudraulic pressure): such as small scale stream boiler. high building water supply, high pressure water injection to high pressure tank and suction from vacuumt tank. 

Sampling from river or tank, transferring foaming liquid, transfer liquid in long and horizontal pipeline, where gas pockets likely occur.


Stable performance ,High efficiency ,Low noise, Simple in instruction and operation

Working condition:

QY series designed for clear and low viscosity liquid, or explosive flammable liquid which containing very little solids.

* Liquid temperature: -15°C ~ 120°C

* Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C

* Gas-liquid ratio 1:9 (Gas suction volume 8~10%)

* Inlet: horizontal, Outlet: Vertical.    Micro bubble size : 20-30 um

Parameters            50Hz

Item 20QY-1 25QY-2 40QY-6 50QY-12
Head of delivery 40M 50M
Flow rate 1T/Hr 2T/Hr 6T/Hr 12T/Hr
Water input size 0.75” 1” 1.5” 2”
Water output size 0.5” 0.75” 1.25” 1.5”
Power 0.55Kw 1.1Kw 3Kw 5.5Kw
Voltage 220V/50Hz (Single phase) or 380V/50Hz(Three phase) 380V/50Hz( Three phase )
Speed 2900r/min


Item 20QY-1 25QY-3 40QY-8 50QY-17
Head of delivery 40M 50M
Flow rate 1T/Hr 3T/Hr 8T/Hr 17T/Hr
Water input size 0.75” 1” 1.5” 2”
Water output size 0.5” 0.75” 1.25” 1.5”
Power 0.75Kw 1.5Kw 4Kw 7.5Kw
Voltage 220V/60Hz (Single phase) or 380V/60Hz(Three phase) 380V/60Hz (Three phase)
Speed 3500r/min

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